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My healing with Aimee has been life changing for me. I feel blessed to have found Aimee she is a rare find, such a lovely person. My healing was so powerful for me I left thinking every one needs this. I gifted friends and family with healings and courses with Aimee. All have been delighted to have received a gift like no other. Such a wonderful unique experience no words can come close 💓



I attended a shamanic healing session and an introduction to Shamanism over a year ago with Aimee and it truly changed my life. I had lost my spiritual path due to a lot of grief i had carried for almost 10 years. I was at a loss on where to go next and had tried many healing modalities. What Aimee did for me that weekend I remain eternally grateful🙏💕. I practically floated back to the airport and back home with such a feeling of lightness, acceptance and most of all gratitude 🥰

A year on, and I’ve never felt so good and embrace every day of this beautiful life path we are all on.

Aimee has a beautiful aura around her and makes you feel so grounded and accepted, I feel I have made a life long friend.

Thank you beautiful soul Aimee, for everything ❤️🙏🦋💚

Jules Anderson


I attended a workshop with Aimee with a friend earlier this year. The setting is lovely and we met her pet turkey who was keen to say hello! Aimee is very passionate and very welcoming - we enjoyed our day with her x

Lucy Mather


Aimee is a great teacher, she is patient and inspiring. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for spiritual development. I have attended courses, workshops and ceremonies the setting is welcoming, cozy and relaxing perfect environment to experience shamanic journeys. 🙏💕

Katrin Grisby


Aimee is amazing! Always patient, helpful and answers your questions. I had great healings, courses and journeys with Aimee. Great teacher. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking for spiritual healing. 😍

Jolanta Zdral


Since the first day i spoke with aimee I’ve felt nothing but great respect for this lady.

I find her to be very real in her approach and extremely down to earth.

If your looking for a good shamanic healer then “look no further”, 



I found out about Aimee through a recommendation. She is very skilful shamanic healer and has great knowledge. She is compassionate and kind. Aimee is kind to answer questions and helps to support the person in their healing journey. I really recommend Aimee.



Aimee is a really

Amazing teacher and I enjoyed my shamanic journeys with her tonight ....... feeling great and lovely to meet new like minded friends



Absolutely inspiring! Aimee reminds us of beauty all around us