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Starseeds are highly evolved beings from other planets and dimensions within the universe that have either incarnated into this life or can be in spirit form.

The most common signs in Starseeds are a longing to go home. Feeling like you don't belong on this earth, being in the physical form may be challenging for you. You may find it hard to fit into society and struggle to follow the structure of this earth.

You are here on this earth at this moment in time for a purpose.

It maybe that parts of your soul are trapped in other dimensions or that you are here to activate parts of your soul on the earth to assist the evolution of earth and humanity itself.

After the fall of Atlantis & Lemuria other energies took advantage to control humanity. Do not get me wrong, this has all been part of the process, but i personally feel that now is the time for the Starseed energies to be present once again.

There can be a great draw to crystals, as these hold the ancient codes that match our DNA.

The Starseed energies are formed in other dimensions accessed through portals in the different star constellations. You are a seed, ready to be planted and grow.

My healing sessions include Starseed activation's & healing from past soul experiences.