Shamanic Healing

Is a Shamanic Healing right for you?

Are you feeling stuck? Finding it hard to move forward?  It may be an emotional or a physical block.  Shamanic Healing can help you see what you need to release in order to move forward.

Every healing is unique and personal to you. Spirit guide us through the healing, revealing what needs to be worked on.

It is usually when you recognise that you need a healing that you have faced the hardest hurdle. I mean, no body wants to admit that they need help, because if we do we feel like we have failed. You haven't failed and it is ok to ask for guidance.

Asking for guidance is recognition.

It may not be from this life that we are experiencing the pain, it may be from a past life or even a trauma in this life that is stopping us from moving on.

I am here to work with you to clear the energy to enable you to for fill your journey.

If you can imagine your aura of energy and inside the energy are dark spots and cords attaching us to others, old stagnant energy repeating from traumas we experience in this lifetime and past lives. Patterns can also be repeated in our DNA. So a situation or illness maybe repeated in our family line. This is what will be cleared in a healing session. Bringing you to shine your own light and to your full potential.

The Healing will be carried out in my Sacred Oak Shamanic Hut which is based at my home in Lincolnshire.

On the first point of contact I will speak with you and carry out a consultation In the hut. I will then ask you to lay on the couch. I will begin by burning White Sage. This cleanses any negative energies to enable me to work with them. 

I then connect with my guides and yours to begin the healing. I connect with your energy and asses what work needs to be carried out.

I have a selection of tools that may be used, including feathers, rattle, drum and crystals & pipe.

The healing may take up to one and a half hours. Depending on what needs to be cleared.

Throughout the healing you may feel the sensation of energy shifting, almost like a tingling feeling. You may also feel emotions. This is all completely normal and is just a part of releasing the energy.

I will talk you through the healing. I believe that it is important to communicate with you so that you also understand the process and also connect with your higher self.  

I offer one to one healings at Sacred Oak Healing Hut based at my home in Lincolnshire and also distant healings which can be carried out via video call, messenger, skype, WhatsApp for those who are not able to travel.

The cost of a healing is £50. 

Healings can be carried out not only on ourselves but animals, land and houses. Everything holds a spirit of energy all which experience the process and traumas of life and sometimes the energy needs to be cleared to enable it to move forward.

If you would like to contact me for further information my number is 07932684010 

or email [email protected]

Dancing Fire Feather    -    Aimee Miles