Healing & Personal Guidance

*** MARCH 2020 UPDATE ***

Due to the current situation we are experiencing globally,

I am carrying out all Healing Sessions online via video call.

WhatsApp, Zoom, FaceTime, Skype.

Is a Healing right for you?

Are you feeling stuck? Finding it hard to move forward?  Or maybe you are suffering from a physical or mental illness? Feeling that you don't belong on this earth or not understanding your purpose.

Earth is in a dimension from which our souls can evolve. I am here to help you make sense of  your struggles, to connect you with your higher consciousness.

As many are starting to awaken to the consciousness connection, you may feel like you have landed on another earth and haven't got a clue where to go from here.

Healing can help you see deep within so you become aware of what you need to release in order to move forward. Whether it be from having a healing or being guided through a personal journey of self healing. As we heal in this present time, we are also healing our ancestral line. It all has a domino effect within the matrix of our soul.

Every healing is unique and personal to you. Spirit guide us through the process, revealing what needs to be worked on.

It is usually when you recognize that you need guidance that you have faced the hardest hurdle. I mean, no body wants to admit that they need help, because if we do we feel like we have failed. You haven't failed and it is ok to ask for guidance.

Asking for guidance is recognition.

It may not be from this life that we are experiencing the pain, it may be from a past life. The residue of energy is stuck. 

It could also be from trauma in this life that is stopping us from moving on and situations and emotions keep repeating.

It is a natural reaction to attach ourselves to emotion and trauma. This then creates a deformity within our cellular body and restricts its natural flow. 


I am here to work with you to clear the energy to enable you to for fill your journey.

Soul Retrieval

Working with trauma from this life.

When we experience trauma in this life, we loose a piece of our soul and quite often a negative energy takes this space. It is the negative energy that can cause issues in this life, from repeated negative situations, mental and physical illness, negative thought patterns. 

Throughout the healing myself and team of spirit are able to find the cause of the trauma, remove the negative energy which is transformed and retrieve your lost soul, putting it back into your energy. This will then allow the energy to flow as it should and allow you to move forward.

Past Life Trauma

It is true that we have all experienced many past life's. Some good and some which were traumatic. This is because we have to experience all aspects for our souls evolution. This is where the karma is experienced.

It is through the traumatic life's where the trauma energy is stuck within our soul matrix and can still be repeating through this life in some form.

In a healing session myself and team of spirit are able to travel back through your soul matrix to the life where the trauma began and the trauma can be closed down.

DNA Clearing

We all carry DNA of our family lines. Issues related to DNA can be illness that is repeated in the family and also repeated negative situations. This can be sourced back to the beginning of the trauma and DNA can be cleared of this energy.

If you can imagine your aura of energy and inside the energy are dark spots and cords attaching us to others, old stagnant energy repeating from traumas we experience in this lifetime and past lives. 

Healings can be carried out in my Sacred Oak Shamanic Hut which is based at my home in Lincolnshire. Or Online, via Video/Telephone call.

On the first point of contact I will speak with you and carry out a consultation. I will connect with your guides and enter your energy to take a closer look before performing the healing.

I have a selection of tools that may be used, including feathers, rattle, drum and crystals & pipe.

The healing may take up to one and a half hours. Depending on what needs to be cleared.

Throughout the healing you may feel the sensation of energy shifting, almost like a tingling feeling. You may also feel emotions. This is all completely normal and is just a part of releasing the energy.

I will talk with you throughout the process. I believe that it is important to communicate with you so that you also understand the process and can also connect with your higher self.  

 Distant healings & Personal Guidance can be carried out via Video Call, Messenger, Skype, Zoom & WhatsApp.

Healing Session (1-1.5 Hours)- £70 

Personal Guidance - Offering techniques and guided meditations personal to you -  £60 a session (2 Hours)

Wedding Blessings also available.

As we evolve our souls we lighten the energy of earth helping it shift into a higher dimension.

If you would like to contact me for further information my number is 07932684010 

or email [email protected]

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