Team Verrico Summer Camp Out

July 26th 11am - July 28th 3pm 2019

Willow Fields, Epworth Road, Haxey, North Lincolnshire, DN9 2LL

Mini Shamanic Workshops (to be carried out at different times over the weekend) 

- Meeting your Power Animal - £15 per person

- Shamanic Healing Consultations - £10 per person

- Shamanic Healing - £50

Team Verrico is an organisation that helps raise awareness and support those affected by all types of cancer.

The weekend the camp out is a place to meet, refocus and find your tribe. There will be lots of events and entertainment for all the family.

Please visit  for more information.

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Foraging for Medicinal & Magical Plants

14th September 2019


Sacred Oak Shamanic Healing Hut

Foraging for Medicinal & Magical Plants

Join me on an adventure around the farm, exploring our native plants and their uses.

We will be collecting a selection of plants to take home and learning how we can use them in our everyday life to make teas, smudge sticks, oils etc.

It is important to understand that the plants have a hidden message for us personally. Each plant/tree has a symbolic meaning. We will be discussing the importance of their messages and what it means for us so you can recognise personal blocks and healing.

We will finish the day using some of the plants we have collected in a fire ceremony to manifest our desires using the New Moon energies.

Remember to bring a notebook & pen & something to collect the plants in, some scissors/pruners and some durable gloves.

If the weather is nice bring a blanket and snack so we can sit and enjoy the countryside. Please wear suitable footwear.


The cost of this event will be £30 per person. A £10 non refundable deposit is required to secure your booking.

Please contact me on 07932684010 for more information and to book your place.

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Introduction to Shamanism 

12th October 2019 - 10am-4pm


Sacred Oak Shamanic Healing Hut

Introduction to Shamanism

Shamanism dates back to at least 40,000 years. It has been practiced in many cultures, some may differ slightly but the intent has always the same.

Join me in this introduction to shamanism workshop where we will learning the ancient ways of Shamanic Journey to connect with our higher self and our guides to help us understand how to heal from within and communicate with all essences of spirit.

The day will include:-

- Introduction to Shamanism & the Shamanic Drum

- Finding your Sacred Space

- Connecting with Power Animals

- Connecting with our Shamanic Guides

- Protection Cloak

- Retrieval of lost Power

Lunch will be provided (Jacket Potatoes) if you could bring along a choice of filling.

The cost of this workshop is £60 per person

** A £20 non refundable deposit is required to secure your booking **

Please contact me to book or for further information

Aimee 07932684010 or email me - [email protected] 

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Cacao New Moon Ceremony

15th September 2019


Sacred Oak Shamanic Healing Hut


Cacao - The heart of the earth

Cacao is a ceremonial plant medicine that has been used by the ancestors as far back as 1900 BC across central and South America.

It is the raw cacao bean that is used to heighten our connection with our inner self's helping us to deepen our understanding of who we are, release old patterns and traumas.

Cacao is well known as a heart opener and works straight away at opening your heart chakra. This then allows us to see further within.

During the ceremony we will be connecting with the spirit of Cacao and seeing how it will guide us on our own personal journey. Sounds will be used to raise the vibration using the shamanic drum and singing bowls. 

It is a gentle healing process and allows you to travel slowly to where you need to be.

It is a safe and intimate space offering support through a transformative process.

Physiological Effect

Cacao naturally produces serotonin, dopamine & anandamide - the bliss molecules that make us feel good (hence why a lot of us crave chocolate). It increases the blood flow to the brain, creating more mental agility, awareness & focus. Alongside these the high amount of nutrients in the cacao support & nourish the body, whilst also inducing a detoxifying effect on the liver & kidneys.

100 % Raw Organic Ceremonial Grade Cacao

The Cacao used is from the Ashaninka Tribes of the Peruvian Amazon. Fair trade for all so that it maintains organic farming practices to enables the tribes to continue their ancient cultures and practices.

The cost of the ceremony is £50 per person a £20 non refundable deposit is required to secure your space.

** Limited Spaces Available **

Please eat light before the ceremony.

Please contact me for further information or to book your place - Aimee 07932684010

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Summer Solstice Shamanic Ceremony

21st June 2019 7pm-9pm


Sacred Oak Shamanic Healing Hut

Summer Solstice is a time to gather together and celebrate the light of the sun. The Summer Solstice is the longest day and the shortest night of the year. Following this Solstice, the days get shorter, the nights longer. The dark slowly begins to take over the cycle until we arrive at the time of Winter Solstice.

We will be working with the energies of the Sun and Moon to cleanse away what is holding us back and allow for the light of the sun to shine from within.

Using a selection of plants and flowers we will honour the Sun through a Shamanic Fire Ceremony. The drum will allow us to connect with the elements to create a beautiful gathering.

The event will take place at The Sacred Oak Shamanic Healing Hut.

7pm-9pm on 21st June 2019

The cost of the ceremony is £10 per person.

Please bring a coat/blanket as we will be working outdoors.

Refreshments will be provided.

I look forward to seeing you there! xx

Aimee - 07932684010

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Plant Medicine Workshop

Dates to Follow....


Sacred Oak Shamanic Healing Hut

1pm -5pm

All the plants provided by this earth have a purpose.

On this workshop we will be connecting with the plant spirits to find out how they can work with us, aiding us physically, mentally, protecting & cleansing.

Working with the shamanic drum to connect with the plants.

There will be a selection of seasonal plants & flowers to choose from.

We will be making our own blend personal to us to use as a tea and to make our own bath soak.

The cost of this workshop is £50 per person.

A non refundable deposit of £20 is required to secure your space. 

Aimee - 07932684010

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Past Life Shamanic Healing Shamanic Workshop

Dates to Follow       10am-4pm


Sacred Oak Shamanic Healing Hut

Your Soul has lived many other lifetimes. Some of which may affect us in this life. It may cause health issues, affect our career, relationships, family and life lessons.

Join me in this exciting workshop to help discover your past life’s. We will work with the Shamanic Drum to take us on our journey to connect with our higher self’s. Once we have a clear understanding of the past experiences, we will then be able to clear the past life energy that is causing blocks in our life’s today.

The cost of this workshop is £60 per person. A £20 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place.


The workshop will be held at The Sacred Oak Shamanic Healing Hut, Gainsborough on Saturday 12th May 2018 - 10am – 4pm. Lunch will be provided.

Please contact me for further information on 07932684010

Email - [email protected]

Aimee xx

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Autumn Equinox Fire Ceremony

Dates to follow...….


Sacred Oak Shamanic Healing Hut

Autumn Equinox Fire Ceremony

The tree doesn’t overthink shedding its leaves. It just knows.

The season is changing. Its leaves served their purpose. They’ve reached their end. And the tree, just, gracefully … lets them go.

The tree knows its time to rest. It knows it’s time to turn inward and do the inside work of creating new life, new growth–Spring’s fresh leaves and its gorgeous flowers.

But first … it has to let go.

The same is true for us, as well.

In order to experience beautiful, vibrant new growth in our own lives, we have to let go of the things we just don’t need anymore. Those things that no longer serve us, things we’ve outgrown, things that are holding us back.

In order to transform and grow, we have to first let go.

The dark days ahead are for dreaming and manifesting and making plans for all the new growth and change we’ll experience next year. Let’s spend this first part of autumn getting rid of the mental clutter that will only get in the way of that work.

Join me in this celebration of the fall to clear the clutter and plan for the winter ahead.

We will be working with a Shamanic Fire Ceremony to release and bring forth inspiration.

The cost of the ceremony is £10 per person.

Refreshments will be provided. Please wear warm clothes, bring a blanket and something to sit on as we will be working outdoors.

7pm -9pm

Please message me to book your place.



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