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Abou​t Aimee

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Thank you for wanting to know more about me and my journey.

It has been said that we all have the ability to connect to our higher self and I do truly believe this. The signs are always there but not always acknowledged. All you have to do is trust your intuition and let your heart lead the way. TRUST is the key.

My name is Aimee and I live in Lincolnshire. 

I would like to share with you how my Shamanic connection began.


My life has been a journey of learning and growth with common challenges along the way.

I have two children, and have lived my life juggling and trying to keep the balance of work and home life.

In 2015 I was driven to give up my everyday job working in an office.

This gave me more time to explore myself, who I am and what I want for my life. To be honest, I think this was the first time I had actually asked myself what I wanted to do for myself.

I was guided by stepping out of my comfort zone and exploring what I actually wanted to do in this life. Once the intentions were set I was guided to a local Shamanic group.

I really didn't know what to expect.

On my first meet with the group I met my spirit animal and Shamanic guide, I absolutely loved it. After a few weeks it had become clear to me and things started clicking into place like a puzzle that my guides had been there all my life, showing me signs in which I did not recognize and it had now become so obvious to me.

Lots of confirmation from spirit.

I was now awakened to my spiritual connection and I had touched the Shamanic Vibration.

I became so connected and found it came so natural to me, I knew I had to train as a Shamanic Practitioner. This was my calling. 

It also brought my attention to my own struggles in life and I could now recognise that these experiences have been part of my growth.

I am now a qualified Shamanic Practitioner and Alchemist, I'm so passionate about what I do and give all my heart in all the work I do and enjoy sharing my knowledge to help others grow.

My journey since has taken me further into the mysteries of the divine feminine and how to reconnect back to the sacred chalice that resides within us all. 

My services offer Personal Healings, Practitioner Training and Workshops and Ceremonies throughout the year. I also carry out healing to the land and I am often guided to different sights through dreams and guidance from spirit.

 I feel a deep connection with Mother Earth, all the spirits that reside here and the Universal Cosmic Energies. They all influence us and support us through our pathways.

Ancient Egypt, to me holds the key of  the ancient knowledge that makes so much sense to me. It is the understanding of true alchemy.

I have understood my essence and my place here within this universe and stand fully in my truth when guiding others.

The transformation was very intense, I have had to self heal in order for me to heal others and understand the process. I have been challenged from all angles and stripped back and exposed to reveal my true essence. It has been hard, but at the same time it made me stronger and understand exactly how we have to go through different processes to clear our blockages. 

The self healing continues but with clearer understanding and the tools to move forward.

I have always had a connection to nature and plants, but now I feel the connection is much more stronger.  It Is almost like I have been walking around with my eyes closed all this time and suddenly I am aware that all the resources we need are surrounding us, provided by this beautiful earth and spirit. 

I cannot explain how enthusiastic and amazed I am with this work and the healings I perform. It truly is amazing and every day I learn something new and grow.

Shamanism & Alchemy is now a part of my everyday life and I love sharing it with the beautiful souls that I meet on this path.

Thank you once again for taking the time to look at my profile. 

It's all a process. The release. The courage. The unveiling. The growth.

Dancing Fire Feather   -    Aimee Miles