The practice of Shamanism reaches back to the dawn of time. In the present day, Shamanic practices are offered to those struggling on their own life journeys. The work of a Shamanic practitioner provides support and spiritual guidance to those who perhaps suffer from the pain of a physical, emotional or mental illness, or feel incomplete or unfulfilled in life.

Honouring the world of form and spirit, surrendering to endless death and rebirth. This is the source of all healing.

The shaman's power


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Autumn Equinox

24th Sept 2018

Introduction to Shamanism 13th  October 2018

Foraging for Magical Plants

1st Sept 2018

What my clients are saying

Thank you Aimee for some distant Healing. You definitely have some power!xxx

Louise Jones

I would like to say a massive thankyou to Aimee for my Healing!! I will be honest I went In feeling a little bit sceptical to what was going to happen, but trust me I could feel the energy!! Hopefully I will feel fully pumped and energetic tomorrow!! Thankyou again Aimee!!! Xxxx

Amy Williamson

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