Children's Shamanic Workshop

14th February 2018 1pm-3.30pm


Sacred Oak Shamanic Healing Hut

This is an amazing opportunity for children to connect with their inner selves. The workshop will involve journeying to the shamanic drum to connect with their sacred space and spirit animals. It is a great way for children to feel connected, focused and safe. We will also be painting stones so the children are able to keep their connection with their spirit animals. Refreshments will also be provided.

Ages between 5-15.

The cost of the workshop is £25 per child. A minimum of £10 deposit for each child is required to secure the booking.

There will be limited spaces available.

Please contact me on 07932684010 for more information. Thank You 🙏 Aimee xx

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Sacred Feminine Plant Healing Ceremony

31st March 2018 1pm-4pm


Sacred Oak Shamanic Healing Hut

This is a beautiful workshop to connect with your divine feminine and the plants to create a group healing. We will be working In ceremony to gain knowledge about ourselves and the healing benefits of a selection of plants and herbs.

We will begin by journeying to the shamanic drum to find your sacred place and spirit animals.

We are then ready to connect with plants to create a beautiful healing ceremony.

The cost of the ceremony is £25 per person. A £10 deposit will be required to secure your booking. Limited spaces available.

Contact me for further details on 07932684010 or email - [email protected]

Aimee 💕

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Meet Your Spirit Guides & Power Animal

3rd March 2018 - 10am-4pm


Sacred Oak Shamanic Healing Hut

Meet Your Shamanic Guides & Power Animal.

This workshop will give you the opportunity to connect with your guides and power animal. These guides are here and have been since birth and through many life’s to direct and support you on your journey.

We will be using the shamanic drum to meet our guides and power animal, understand their characteristics and find out how they help you personally.

Once you have made the connection you will have the ability to call on them at any time. They are all here to help your for fill your experience in this life and to be able to communicate with them will honour their spirit.

This workshop is £50 per person & will take place at The Sacred Oak Shamanic Healing Hut. 10am-4pm

Lunch & Refreshments are provided. Limited spaces are available.


For more information please contact me on 07932684010 or email me - [email protected] Thank You 🙏 Aimee

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